i3 Grant Middle-Grades Leadership Development

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Program Description
MLD will leverage productive practices to increase achievement by developing principals in 12 middle schools in Michigan and Kentucky affecting a total of 9,700 students to increase equitable access to quality leaders and is novel for its focus on leaders for the middle grades, an important time for keeping students on-track for graduation. The project goal is to increase student achievement. Objectives and actions include 1) Develop distributive leadership (All schools establish leadership teams that meet twice monthly) Coaches and principal mentors help schools establish teams then work on communication, trust-building, data analysis, and action planning; mentor schools shares and model best practice, 2) Improve collaboration skills (Principals improve leadership ratings on VAL ED. Shared decision-making ratings increases on Self-Study in 9/12 schools) Coach trains MLD team in vision and criteria to transform culture and climate. Principal mentors help hone leadership skills, 3) Implement strategies to increase student achievement (100% of schools initiate at least 3 strategies) MLD teams examine data, investigate practices, and develop appropriate plans with the coaching and mentor help. 4) Build collaborative relationship with district (100% of schools have district involved at least 85% of MLD meetings) District leader(s) participate, advocate, and plan with MLD team and school leadership team and 5) Use Schools to Watch network (100% of schools make at least 4 visits yearly) The MLD school is given a mentor school partner. This proposal is novel in its use of the Schools to Watch Network to accelerate innovation in the consortium schools as well as its use of Cognitive Coaching TM. Partners are the California League of Middle Schools, the Kentucky Middle School Association, and Institute for Excellence in Education in Michigan. The evaluator is the Center for Prevention Research and Development, University of Illinois.
Project Team

2013 Middle Grades Leadership Development

Karin Hamilton
Fran Salyers

Sherry Lambertson
Mindy Simon

California League of Middle Schools
Irvin Howard
Martinrex Kedziora
Anetta Murphy
Peter Murphy

CPRD – University of Illinois
Dawn Carpenter
Nancy Flowers
Peter Mulhall

Progress & Findings

Lessons Learned for Sustainability:2013 Focus Group Findings

CPRD conducted two focus groups during the 2013 Schools to Watch Conference in June 2013. The first focus group included a sample of six i3 Project coaches, who represented all three project states, as well as the two different types of coaches (STW coaches and principal mentors). CPRD conducted the second focus group with a sample of principals. Although only five principals from two of the three project states were able to attend, all three of the project school types (rural schools, small urban schools, and large urban schools) were represented. This report summarizes the key themes related to the topics discussed, including the lessons learned, challenges, and suggestions for implementing and sustaining the i3 Project.
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