Forum Research

Forum Research

National Forum Research Committee


In June 2007, the Research Committee received support and approval from the National Forum Board to engage in a series of research activities as part of the National Forum’s Research Agenda that would promote the work of the Forum by:


  • strengthening our empirical knowledge base related to the Schools to Watch (STW) schools and states through the systematic collection of reliable data from current and applicant STW schools/states;
  • developing an online database, with querying capabilities, containing these data;
  • collecting data on the CSR grant schools and including that data in the database to help ensure that the Forum is contributing to its research responsibilities related to the work of the CSR schools through the Forum’s US Department of Education grant;
  • providing access to descriptive data about STW schools to enable Forum members and others to more readily describe and discuss this national program;
  • allowing for periodic preparation and dissemination of research summaries and/or briefs related to the Forum’s accumulated database to benefit the work of the Forum and its members;
  • providing research updates on current issues to support the needs of Forum members for such information; and
  • collaborating with other networks, particularly the American Educational Research Association’s (AERA) Middle Level Education Research Special Interest Group (MLER-SIG), to engage in research related to key questions in middle grades education.